A la carte tourism


It is addressed to the person/s who does not want crowds regarding the various activities in which there are usually fifty people or even many more when it comes to concerts with several buses.
These excursions are usually very heavy because of the numerous stops made and the dependence of the same when you are doing or seeing something that you really like and that in this way you can not extend your stay more because there is a rigorous schedule to follow since they come with a Predetermined route.

The person/s who come to spend a pleasant vacation in this locality want to enjoy them in a quiet and entertaining way, without obligations of any kind, always on the air.

For example, groups of friends who want to make trips through the region or zones bordering on it will not have the need to hire them by travel agencies, if not a person will dedicate himself exclusively to them, to take these people to Teach them everything they want to see, without schedules and without rushing to be aware that if they are going to miss the bus or have to leave when they are having better because you have to return with the rest of the group to the hotel .

This service offers what the agencies do not have, personalized attention, a person who accompanies you when you want with an exquisite advice for any leisure service you want, with unlimited geographical availability and time.


Circumstantial events


Visits are organized to circumstantial events, such as the concerts that may be in the various localities of the province from which you will not have to worry about the tickets because you will be given beforehand avoiding the long waits that are usually in them.

Will pass through the localities that are in that moment in parties.

The Domus Atilia has participated in “Sagunt portes endins”


The Domus Atilia has participated in the proposal “Sagunt portes endins“, organized by Camí de Nora and the Asociación de Vecinos del Raval. This proposal aims to revitalize the neighborhood of the Raval through theatrical performances in real houses. There are also activities for children.

The Domus Atilia has offered a theatrical visit where Atilia and her sister Calpúrnia explain the history of the domus in Roman times. Visitors can enjoy a fun and interesting monologue, while visiting the different spaces of the house. They even make an offering to the goddess Fortune, to wish good luck to the domus and its visitors.