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A charming house in Sagunto Romana

B&B Domus Atilia is a charming house in the ancient Roman Imperial of Sagunto, located in the immediate vicinity of the historic center. A city more than 2,000 years old, it has much to tell and teach.

Lovers of culture will find in this city a variety of interesting places, among them the Castle. The remains of this fort date from the siege to which the Carthaginian Aníbal submitted to the Saguntines and that originated the second Punic War. Essential to enrich this tour, visit the Roman Theater, the Via del Pòrtic, the Domus dels Peixos and the Historical Museum. Sample of the diversification of cultures in Sagunto, is the District of the Judería, characterized by its narrow streets and with a Jewish cemetery recently restored in the slope of the Castle.

Another route is the Ocho Ermitas that will allow us to explore and explore the old town and the main street, Mayor in the Ermita de la Sang, center of Semana Santa Saguntina, Fiesta de Interés Turístico Nacional.

  • TV in all rooms
  • Station at 10 min.
  • Throughout the Domus
  • We accept credit cards



Welcome to the Domus Atília.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Atília Prisca, descendant of Saigandeus. My biological father was Atilius Prisca, patrician wine producer and consequently devoted to Tu, Iberian god of agriculture, who with the Romanization became Liber Pater. In fact, in the sanctuary of Tu, located in the Border Mountain, made his vows annually with bilingual script. He married my mother and they had me, only child. He soon died and my mother married for the second time with another patrician Saigandeu, Quint Calpurni, also a widower and with a daughter from their first marriage, Calpúrnia. Calpurnia and I grew up together and we have decided that we will rest, if the gods have good, also together.

The domus Atília was first constructed in the first century, in front of the place that occupied the portórium of the Iberian city entering by the Via Augusta, because Quint Calpurni was propeller of the urbanization of Saguntum of the roman imperial time in the plane that occupied the Iberian necropolis between the walls and the river. He, like other patricians of Iberian origin, financed the works in exchange for plots. In one of the plots my house was built on the south-east side of which was the most important crossroads of the urbanization, conformed by the cardo maximus and the decumanus maximus. So the domus Atria is located in the middle of the Imperial Saguntum, very close to what was the Via Sacra (now Via del Pórtic) and the amphitheater.

Have a good time soon in our rooms, services and rooms dedicated to friends Fúlvia, Annia, Valeria, Julia, Calpurnia and Flavia…

Hope you are happy.

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